Hannah-Love Shibley, Photography by Craig Westerman
That's me!


It's true. My parents really did name me Hannah-Love. No middle name, just a hyphenated first name. And they weren't hippies - just broke missionaries in the middle of southern France. My mother calls me Hannah-Love, my college roommate nicknamed me H-Love and my cats still haven't figured out syllables, so they just meow incessantly at me.

I’m a designer—obsessive about cleanliness, alignment and page management—and a strategic thinker, from concept to completion. I provide focused and purposeful design solutions to both large and small clients, and my project portfolio ranges anywhere from social campaigns to identity systems to editorial design.

If I’m not at my desk, you can find me racking up stars on my Starbucks gold card. Off the clock, I’m either collecting movie stubs or hustlin' beans for Proyecto Diaz Coffee.


I am currently not available for new freelance work.


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